Review: WinterFish, Fish Brewing Co.

Fish Brewing Co. — Olympia, Washington

  • Style:  Winter Warmer
  • Bitterness:  70 IBU
  • OG:  1.071
  • ABV:  7.5%
  • Malts:   Paley, Honey
  • Hops:  Yakima Chinook
  • Sampled: 12 oz. bottle

Description:  "Here is the full-bodied seasonal ale that brings meaning to “Winter Warmer”. With a snappy hop character, this isn’t just another brown beer masquerading as a seasonal. This is hearty fare brewed for the season of celebrations. Enjoyed at ease with friends and food, Winterfish will put a glow in the cheeks and warmth in the veins.  Pale and honey malts provide an abundantly deep foundation. Then, for bittering, flavor, and aroma, we use 100% Yakima Chinook hops in the kettle. For additional flavor and aroma, it’s more Yakima Chinooks in the hop-back. Perfect for festive feast, this is the hoppiest winter ale we know of! Savor a pint and you’ll know why Northwesterners agree: An ice cold Winter never sounded better!" — Fish Brewing Co.

Random thoughts:   This is my 21st winter seasonal review and the the first beer I've tasted from Fish Brewing.

The tasting:  Golden straw in color (hazy) with a white head that dissipated fairly quickly.  Aroma of mainly citrus and pineapple.  Grapefruit hops dominate the flavor, but there's bready malt backbone to it.  Medium bodied with an effervescent mouth feel.  The finish is very dry and grapefruit hops linger along with a touch of alcohol.  I was surprised to see that this is 7.5% ABV. Very drinkable—if you can deal with a high dosage of hops.
Rating:  3 star.  Good.  I would drink this if someone gave it to me.  This is a hop bomb!  If you're looking for a lupulin fix, you will be pleased.   I'm not sure what makes this a winter seasonal, but it provides a nice change of pace from the dark malt-heavy brews of the season.

Have you tried WinterFish or any other Fish Tale brews?

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