Beer Run: The Stone Brews

Stone Brewing Co. is well known for making out-of-the-box beers.  Apparently, only a few people are worthy of appreciating their greatness.  I had a pre-release taste of their Lukcy Basartd Ale at the Beer Blogger's conference in November, and loved it.  Does that make me worthy?!?

Anyway, I'm going to make up for lost time by sampling five brews from their regular year-round lineup. So during the next few weeks, I will be sampling and writing about:

Stone has some exciting releases on the horizon.  On February 14th, they will release two versions of their Old Guardian Barley Wine—the original and a BELGO version (which adds a Belgian yeast strain).  Stone had planned to release just the BELGO as part of their "Odd Beers for Odd Years" program.  However, mass hysteria ensued, and they quickly decided to release both versions.  If I can, I'll try to track down and review both versions.

Have a favorite Stone beer?  Tell me about it...

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  1. Isn't the Stone Gargoyle actually a Grotesque? Or does the mouth of the bottle constitute the water spout requirement to make it a gargoyle? (I don't really expect an answer, I'm just mucking about and letting you know your blog has followers. :D )

  2. I love the Vertical Epic series. There has yet to be a beer in the series that I haven't liked (I have only had the last 4, but they were all delicious). 09-09-09 was by far my favorite.

    I think they have a very solid line up. Not many misses (some may not be of an individual's taste -like the Smoked Porter- but they are all good).

  3. Stone can make some beers. Big fan.

  4. id, I do believe you're correct. It is a Grotesque according to this article. You should send a note to Greg Koch, CEO of Stone, immediately. I'm sure he'd appreciate the feedback. BTW, thanks for reading and commenting.

    Jay, I've never tasted anything from the Vertical Epic series. I saw it in the grocery store this fall, but didn't pick it up. Went back a few days later and it was gone. Oh well, there's always 11/11/11.

  5. I loved Stones 09.09.09 and it is perfect right now! This very moment!

    I like the regular bastard better than the oaked, but yet like Lukcy Basartd better than the double bastard.... Get a Lukcy if you still can!

  6. I missed the Vertical Epics. Come on over, I'll be happy to drink some of your 09.09.09 Sounds like it will be on the decline in a matter of hours. :)

    I just finished tasting and writing my review of Stone IPA. In a word...Nice.

    I need to track down a Lukcy. This beer hobby is getting wayyyy to expensive.


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