Amazing Beer Dispensers!

A friend forwarded this to me and I thought it was amazing.  This is the Bottoms Up.  It's a beer dispenser that fills a plastic cup from the bottom.  I'm not sure exactly how it works, but it utilizes a magnet at the bottom of the cup to fill the beer.

Now let's make a few things perfectly clear...  I'm a beer geek and I don't drink beer from plastic cups.  Nor do I like the beverages they're pouring.  However, you have to admit, it's a pretty cool device.  For more info, you can check out the Bottoms Up website.

Here's another cool beer dispenser.  This one is used in Tokyo airport at the Japan Airlines Lounge.  Check it out.  I wonder if the head on that is real?  It looks like they pumped in some fake foam at the end.  Now I wouldn't want to drink this beer either, but it's a pretty cool idea (fake head included)

I love my electronics and iDevices,  But when it comes to beer, I think the best device is a bottle poured by hand into a glass...the non-plastic variety!

Have you come across any other interesting beer dispensing devices in your travels?  If so, please let me know. 

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