Visit to MacTarnahan's Taproom

My brother-in-law is visiting for the holidays.  Whenever guests visit, we like to take them to a brewpub for lunch or dinner.  It has been a few years since we last went to MacTarnahan's Taproom, so we decided to make that our lunch and beer sampling destination.

MacTarnahan's sampler tray includes five six-ounce beers of your choice for $5.95.  Rather than sampling beers available in grocery stores, I decided to stick to their Alehouse exclusives and other limited run brews.  Here's what I tasted alongside a spicy BBQ Pork sandwich as an accompaniment:

  • Goose Bump:  Imperial Stout with a tan head and loads of coffee aroma and flavor.  Very smooth and creamy mouth feel with a nice coffee finish.  It may be 9% ABV, but the alcohol is well hidden.  My favorite of the bunch.
  • Super Snow Cap:  Part of their Ignition series, it's an amped up version of Snow Cap.  Aroma and flavors of roasted malts and caramel.  Lightly carbonated with lots of malt in the finish.
  • MacTarnahan's Fresh Hop Amber Ale:  Aroma of piney hops which come through in the flavor.  Nice caramel malt backbone.  I wish I sampled this next to a regular Mac.  Read this for more on fresh hopped beers.
  • Crystal Wheat:  Straw colored with a nice floral hop aroma.  5.3% ABV.  Very light bodied and a bit too thin for my taste.  I think I might enjoy it more on a hot summer day.
  • Alehouse Amber:   Unfiltered and golden orange in color.  Not much in aroma.  Sweet malt flavors.

Yesterday was a typical rainy winter day in Portland, so we really enjoyed the roaring fireplace in MacTarnahan's cozy dining room.   After a great beer tasting lunch at Mac's, we proceeded to our next stop—BridgePort Brewpub.  More on that later...

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