The New Logo for My Blog Is...

Thanks to everyone who provided feedback about the new blog logo!  The comments and votes received (on the blog and my Facebook pages) were split almost evenly between Designs #1 and #3.  Option #2 got a few positive comments, but it was never a contender because it didn’t fit the style of my blog.  

This was an interesting process, and your votes and comments DID impact my decision.  I actually changed my mind based on your feedback. The first time I saw the three designs created by TriFecta Creative, I was enamored by #3.  In fact, I pretty much decided to use that as my logo.  However, as your feedback came in, and I looked at the designs longer, I decided that the winner is......  Design #1

If you follow the blog on Twitter or Facebook, you will see this modified version of the logo. 

Again, thanks to all who voted and provided feedback.  Of course, a HUGE thanks goes to my buddy Jeff and the folks at TriFecta Creative for crafting an amazing logo!

They were paid in beer, so this was essentially a pro-bono job for them.  There was a decent amount of consultation and back and forth discussion, and I really appreciate the time they spent with me.  I can only imagine the attention they must devote to their PAYING customers.  Or maybe they prioritize those who barter with beer???

Anyway, if you need help with design work, give the TriFecta Creative team a call.  In the meantime, I'll be admiring the new logo.  Maybe I'll even use it to create some labels for my homebrew!

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Draft Design #1

Draft Design #2

Draft Design #3

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