My 100th Post: Help Me Pick a Logo!

This is my 100th post.  When I started this blog three months ago, I had modest ambitions.  I just wanted to learn more about good beer—and dominate all forms of media, Oprah-style. 

If you actively troll beer blogs, you may have noticed that several other blogs use the same frothy beer mug background photo.  It's a free Blogger background template that seems appropriate for our content.  I thought about changing it, but have become quite fond of it.  So it's staying.  However, it's time for this blog to get a proper logo.

Jeff, a good buddy of mine from St. Louis, owns a graphic and web design firm called TriFecta Creative.  Although he lives in the land of Budweiser, Jeff appreciates good craft beer and was kind enough to support the cause by designing a few logo options for my blog.  He's doing this even though I made a not so subtle jab about the beer at his wedding in my very first post.  What a guy!

Since all seven of you (maybe we're up to eight now) will be seeing the new logo on a regular basis, I'd like to get your input.  Here are the three options:

Design #1

Design #2

Design #3

What do you think?  I think they're great and would be thrilled to use any of them.  But I do have a preference.  Which do you like best?  I'd really appreciate your feedback!  These are drafts, so we can mix and match some design elements.  If you don't feel like commenting, please vote in the poll.  There's a voting box on the top right of my site.  I'll keep the vote open for a week.  

If you're in the market for logo or web design services, check out TriFecta's website or Facebook page, and contact Jeff if you have questions.  They do excellent work!

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  1. 2 & 3 are more visually appealing but 1 with the bottle for the I is awesome.

  2. Or could you steal Eve or the dead squirrel?

  3. Thanks for the feedback Nicole and Mark. I think Eve is a great idea, but I'd have to license it from HAF. This blog generates no cash. I'll need to pass on the squirrel.

  4. Personally like #3 the best. I'd make the words "not so"in a different color so it stands out.

  5. #1 gets my vote. I am looking at all 3 and thinking which would look best on a t-shirt and #1 wins. The other two are OK, but are not as BOLD and distinctive.

  6. Sanjay - Of these, I like #3 the best. Personally, I dislike the faded color in "professional" and feel like it would look better as a solid color. I also like the beer bottle in #1 better than the foaming glass in #3 - perhaps you could tweak the design to include the bottle could be made to have a cool "not so pro beer" label on it as well...

    Good luck, looking forward to seeing the logo in action on your site.

  7. hi Sanjay! So, Rob votes for #1, and I like #3

  8. Thanks to everyone for providing feedback! I really appreciate it. Design #1 won. Design #3 was my original favorite, but I changed my mind based on the feedback. More details here:

    Hi Jill! I didn't know it was you until Latha told me. Hope all is well. Come on out to Portland and we'll take you on a brew tour!


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