When Beer and Taxidermy Collide

I'm in Boulder and the Beer Bloggers Conference starts soon.  I thought this was very worthy of a post.

So let's just start by acknowledging that this is wrong on so many levels...  But, it's also pretty interesting at the same time.

BrewDog has made "The End of History", which at 55% ABV, is the world's strongest beer (your typical beer is 5-7% ABV).  It's also one of the most exclusive and expensive beers.  Only 12 bottles were ever made and if you want one, you'll need to shell out $765 (assuming you can find it).

So here's where it gets really strange—each bottle is enveloped in a taxidermied rabbit, squirrel, or weasel!

One of the 12 bottles (the squirrel pictured below) is at the Bloggers Conference and will be opened tonight!  Here's an article that provides more details.  I wonder what it tastes like.....

11/6 update:  The squirrel was opened last night and 4 people sampled The End of History.  I can sum up their comments as follows:  It burns....

11/11 update:  I finally edited and uploaded my video of the actual tasting.  Check out their reactions after tasting it!  Priceless...

While I didn't have the pleasure experiencing the burn, I did sample BrewDog's Sink the Bismark, which they describe as "...quadruple IPA that contains four times the hops, four times the bitterness and frozen four times to create at a staggering 41% ABV." 

I probably poured 1/4 of an ounce into my glass—it was too much.  It had nice hop flavor, but the alcohol was just too strong.  I was expecting something that tasted like lighter fluid, so it surpassed my low expectations.  I actually think an ounce of this might taste good over ice. 

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  1. Now this is interesting stuff. A little bent, but interesting. Leave it to the Scots. I don't think you could get away with producing beer like this in the US. I mean the container, not the high alc. Thanks for sharing the story and the photos (although my son was disgusted).

  2. Mark, your son has a good head on his shoulders. I have a picture of myself petting the squirrel. Don't think I'm going to post that one though!

  3. 2nd highest alcohol content for a beer. There's a 60% beer from the Netherlands.

  4. I had a sip of this. It's "cool" that they created such a high ABV beer, but now they need to work on making it taste good. For now it just feels like an experiment and a bit gimmicky.

  5. I had a small taste of both Bismarck and Stoat Juice (thanks, Erik!) that night. I think I might enjoy a bit of Bismarck in a snifter, accompanied by a fine cigar on a cool night. It had its merits.
    End of History, however, would best be used to start the flame in the fire pit.

  6. Could the wench be anymore disengaged from the group of tasters....Imagine getting a cool opportunity like this and treating it like she did. Wow.


  7. I didn't get a chance to taste History, but I agree that it seems gimmicky. However, I think it's pretty cool that we opened one of the 12 bottles at our conference. Pretty unique experience in my view. Like I mentioned in the post, I thought Bismarck wasn't half bad and had a nice flavor.


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