Review: Union Jack IPA, Firestone Walker

Union Jack IPA
Firestone Walker Brewing Co. — Paso Robles, CA

  • Style:  American IPA
  • Bitterness: 72 IBU
  • ABV: 7.5%
  • Malts: Premium Two-Row (Metcalf & Kendall varieties), Munich, Cara Pils, Simpson’s Light Crystal
  • Hops: 
    • Bittering:  Warrior, Simcoe
    • Aroma:  Cascade, Centennial
    • Dry Hops:  Amarillo, Cascade, Centennial, Chinook, Simcoe
  • Sampled: 12 oz. bottle

Description:  "The newest member of the Firestone family, Union Jack is the aggressive IPA that you’ve been searching for. Citrus, pineapple, and a full chewy malt profile finish clean on your palate. Over 70 IBUs and 7.5% alcohol by volume, Union Jack won’t have any problem competing with the big India Pale Ales. A beer true to its origins; deeply hopped and bolstered for a long voyage. — Firestone Walker Brewing Co.

Random thoughts:   This is one of three Firestone Walker beers. I picked up about a month ago.  I really enjoyed FW's Solace and Pale 31 beers (gave each a 4 star rating), and was anxious to try Union Jack. 

The tasting:  Poured a goldish orange with a white head that dissipated slowly and left nice lacing.  Aroma is mostly piney hops with some citrus.  Flavor is piney hops with caramel malts.  I like this beer's stronger malt profile.  The 7.5% ABV provides a nice kick.  Body is medium and it has a bit of a creamy mouth feel, but not to the extent of of Solace or Pale 31.
Rating:  3 star.  Good.  I would drink this if someone gave it to me.   Another great beer from Firestone Walker.  While I liked Union Jack, I thought Solace and Pale 31 were even better. 
Have you tried Union Jack or any other Firestone Walker beers?  I'm trying to find their Velvet Merlin Oatmeal Stout.

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  1. I bought a six-pack last week. I think I agree with your 3 stars. I'm heading to Los Gatos, CA tomorrow. I'm going to try to to get to Los Gatos Brewing. Never heard of it before Googling breweries in that area, but I always try to find a brew pub nearby when I travel.

  2. Did you go into San Fransisco? 21st Amendment is there. How was Los Gatos?

  3. I wish I had the time to go to 21st. One of my favs. I didn't get to go to Los Gatos Brewing either. Had to do the work group dinner thing. Crud! Next week I'm driving to Spokane with a stop in Hood River. I'm going to go to Double Mountain since I've already been to Full Sail and Big Horse (a small brewery with great beers). I'll fill you in.

  4. "I would drink this if someone gave it to me" ... The snobbery is strong with this one. Fuck me.


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