Review: HumBug'r, MacTarnahan's Brewing Co.

MacTarnahan's Brewing Co. — Portland, OR

  • Style:  Porter
  • Bitterness: 27 IBU
  • ABV: 5.3%
  • Malts: Caramel, Black Roast, Wheat and Oats
  • Hops:  Northern Brewer and Willamette
  • Sampled: 12 oz. bottle

Description:  "You know he’s arrived. Wheeling through the party, being too loud, crowding the buffet, lurking under the mistletoe and spilling cheer. He’s a lot like this beer. Its dark malt body and rich roasted flavor will unravel your ribbons and leave you wanting more. Too bad it only comes once a year. Good thing is there’s plenty more where it came from. — MacTarnahan's Brewing Co. Brewing Co.

Random thoughts:   This is the fourth of my winter seasonal reviews

The tasting:  Poured a dark brown—almost black color.  One of the darkest I've seen.  Has a tan head with some lacing.  Aroma is mainly malts.  Taste has lots of coffee and roasted malt flavors, with not a lot of hops.  Reminds me a lot of Kona's Pipeline Porter.  Very little bitterness.  Medium bodied with a smooth mouth feel, very sessionable.    
Rating:  3 star.  I would drink this if someone gave it to me.  It's a very solid beer and I like it.  However, other than being a porter, I don't really get the winter seasonal aspect of HumBug'r because it didn't really offer anything unusual (which is something I look for in a winter seasonal).
Have you tried Hum Bug'r or any other winter seasonals?  I'd appreciate some recommendations!

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