Review: Amber Ale, Kirkland Signature (Costco)

Amber Ale
Kirkland Signature (Costco) — San Jose, CA

  • Style: Amber Ale
  • Bitterness:  25 IBU
  • ABV:  5.7%
  • Malts:  Not provided
  • Hops:  Not provided
  • Sampled:  12 oz. bottle

Description: “Coppery brown with rich, malty characterthis perfectly brewed amber ale gets its good looks from the dark roasted crystal malt that we import from England.  To give it some Western flair, it is moderately hopped with hops straight from the Yakima Valley in Washington."  — Kirkland Signature (Costco)

Random thoughts:   This is my 3rd review of Costco's line of Kirkland Signature Handcrafted beers.   Costco declined my request to provide more information.  I wasn't too crazy about their Pale Ale or Hefeweizen.  With two varieties left, I hope it gets better...

The tasting:  Color is is deep amber / copper.  It has a white head that dissipates fairly quickly and leaves no lacing.  I'm didn't notice much in the aroma department.  Taste is mainly caramel malts with a bit of a nutty flavor.  Very little bitterness.  Medium bodied and nice carbonation.  While you can feel the effervescence in your mouth, this isn't over-carbonated like their Pale Ale and Hefeweizen.

Rating:  3 star.  I would drink this if someone gave it to me.   This a good beer.  The problem for me it comes in a mixed case with two beers I don't like.

Have you tried Kirkland Signature's Amber Ale?  What did you think of it? 

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  1. Yikes. I'm getting a case of this for Christmas from my wife's aunt who works at Costco. What do you think? Should I save them for summer mowing-the-lawn beer, for guests, or just shut up and drink 'em.

  2. Mark, I'd drink the Ambers. Save the others for folks who like Bud or Miller. They'd probably go gaga for them. You probably won't.

  3. These are average at best. Julie and I agree that the german is the best of the the worst.

  4. I still need to review the German Lager. It's fair to say that after tasting the first three, I'm in no hurry to review the fourth beer. Good to hear that you both like it. Maybe I'll polish it off this weekend and finish the series...

  5. The more you drink it the better it gets gents. price is right also. Good stuff! All three. Keep in mind I am a walking beer dump station.

  6. Here in Hawaii we get the German Lager, Amber ale, Pale ale and India pale ale. for the price I think these are very good brews and the bitterness levels quite acceptable but lower than many Deschutes brews.


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