Oskar Blues in Pictures

 I first heard of Oskar Blues a few months ago when I learned about canned craft beer.  Since then, I've been wanting to sample their beer—especially Gubna and Ten Fidy.  So I was thrilled when I learned that we'd be having dinner in Oskar Blues' actual production brewery in Longmont, Colorado.

I'm going to make this a photo essay and let the pictures do most of the talking.  If you make it all the way to the end, you'll see a few comments about some of the beers I sampled in the Tasty Weasel Tap room.

After dinner and the brewery tour, I went to the Tasty Weasel Tap Room and sampled some more beer.  I was lucky enough to be served by Tim (pictured below) who is an Oskar Blues Brewer.  I may write up some detailed reviews at some point, but here are some initial thoughts....

  • Ten Fidy Imperial Stout:  Wow!  This comes in a can?  Malts, malts, and more malts in many layers!  Great coffee flavor, very rich, 10.5% ABV and 98 IBUs.
  • Gubna Imperial IPA:   This is the Imperial IPA I've been looking for.  10% ABV and 100 IBUs.  Loads of citrus hops, but nicely balanced with malts. 
  • Harvest Hopped DPA:  Made from the 1st hop harvest of the season.  Very smooth.  Not available in cans.  Glad I got to sample it. 

A big thanks to Oskar Blues for their hospitality!  The Bloggers had a great time and enjoyed our visit to your brewery!  Oh, regarding the whole canned beer issue...it's a non-issue.  Amazing beer comes in cans.  I just tasted it at Oskar Blues.

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  1. Sanjay - Wow, awesome pictures. Great to meet you and am glad I caught you guys last night at Great Divide. Cheers!

  2. Thanks Billy! Photography is a long-time hobby of mine and I love to combine it with beer whenever I can. It was great meeting and hanging out with you as well. You'll be hearing from me...I'll probably be looking for some hombrewing advice!

  3. Very cool!!! I should invest in a good camera your photos are AWESOME!

  4. Thanks Udder! I'll let you in on a little secret...I took these with my $99 point and shoot. Next time you take pictures, spend some time looking at your subject from different angles. The great thing about digital is you can experiment and shoot all you want for free.


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