The Mentor: Boston Beer and Oceanside Ale Works

I just heard about new a TV show on Bloomberg TV called The Mentor.  It's an original series where a seasoned CEO provides mentorship and advice to a small business.  The premiere episode airs tomorrow night (11/4) and will feature Boston Beer and Oceanside Ale Works, from Oceanside, CA.

I'm fascinated by the business aspect of beer and am looking forward to watching it.  More details about the show, including a short video clip of the episode, are listed below.  If you watch it, please let me know what you think!

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Thursday, November 4th at 9 PM/ET; Repeats 11/5 and 11/6 at 9 PM/ET and 9:30 PM/ET
This Thursday, November 4th, 2010 at 9:00 PM/ET, Bloomberg Television will debut "Bloomberg The Mentor," an original new series that features top CEOs mentoring small business owners across America.  Every entrepreneur hopes to strike it big, but the reality is that 80% of small businesses fail within the first 18 months.  What if entrepreneurs from around the U.S. had the chance to get real-life advice from some of America's best-known CEOs?  This season, "Bloomberg The Mentor" tests that concept with four small businesses.

In the series premiere, Jim Koch, founder and chairman of The Boston Beer Company, the largest independently owned American craft brewery and brewer of award-winning Samuel Adams beers, brings his national business expertise to a pair of budding brewers at Oceanside Ale Works in California.

Mark Purciel, a former teacher, and Scott Thomas, a firefighter, initially started brewing hand-crafted ales as a hobby. In 2005, the duo co-founded Oceanside Ale Works, one of the only manual brew houses in the nation.  Now, Purciel and Thomas dream of transforming their passion for beer into a nation-wide business.  But without significant management experience, how can Purciel and Thomas make the right decisions about scaling their business and finding a way to increase sales and distribution?

Watch the episode preview here.  Link to The Mentor Web site is here.  Find Bloomberg Television in your area, visit

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  1. wow two people from different professions joined to work on an even different profession.This is such a rare case. Will surely see the episode and the program now regularly.


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