BridgePort Nightcap Winter Ale Launch Party

BridgePort just released Nightcap Winter Ale, the latest edition in their Big Brews series.  Here's a description from BridgePort's 10/22 press release:

"Nightcap was created to mirror traditional liqueur or spirit nightcaps enjoyed in hopes of warming cold toes and noses prior to a long winter slumber.  A malt driven brew, Nightcap begins with the enjoyable bitterness of Chinook hops and finishes with strong hints of vanilla. BridgePort brewers aged 33-percent of the brew in Makers Mark oak barrels for nearly a year – evidenced in the warm and spicy undertones of the brew. Because of its unusual aromatic scent, it is recommended that Nightcap be enjoyed in a tulip glass to allow for the full fragrance to escape."

Sounds pretty good, doesn't it?  When read that description, I knew I had to get a taste of Nightcap.  It sure sounds like the ideal winter ale to me!

So I went to the party, and sampled a cask version of  Nightcap.  It lives up to its description.  Although I've only tasted a handful of winter beers this season, Nightcap is a standout.  I really liked it–so much that I bought a Bomber to take home.  I'll write a detailed review in the next few days.

Besides the great beer samples, BridgePort was offering giveaways galore–including long stocking caps (which my 4 year old has already confiscated), t-shirts, and brandy snifter-style tasting glasses.

I even had a chance to talk with Jeff Edgerton, BridgePort's Brewmaster.   In the video below, Jeff talks about Nightcap's origins and shares a preview of upcoming beer releases.


BridgePort's launch parties are free and open to the public.  I attended the Hop Harvest launch back in September.  I'll publicize the next one in advance–attend if you can!  In the meantime, pick up a bottle of Nightcap.  You won't be disappointed!

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  1. I'll be trying this one. Love the bourbon aged ales. Julie and I where drinking one last year in Billings, MT at Yellowstone Valley Brewing. Nice!

  2. Tried this today. Very, very good.

  3. Yup, it's a good one. I did another tasting at home and need to write-up my formal review.


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