Beer Run: Total Wine & More

In late September, I travelled to Chandler, Arizona for business.  A friend told me about a wine superstore called Total Wine & More that also stocks a wide variety of beer.  I had to check it out.  So we made a pit stop on the way to the airport.

I was amazed by Total Wine's vast beer selection, and was glad to learn I could make my own mixed six-pack!  So I selected bottles that aren't available in Portland.
I'm concentrating on winter seasonals now, but I'll drink and review these when I want a change from the malt-heavy winter beers.  So in the near future, you'll be hearing more about these brews:

If you get a chance, make a stop at Total Wine and check out their beer section.  They have a great selection AND great prices!

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  1. Thanks so much for the visit! Looks like quite the tasty haul, I hope you enjoy them all. I look forward to reading your thoughts on them.
    See you again soon!
    Greg Tuttle
    Product education manager
    Total Wine & More
    Twitter: @TotalWine

  2. Thanks for the note Greg. I wish I lived closer to one of your stores. Any plans to open shop in Portland? The westside suburbs are in desperate need of a bottle shop. A superstore would be even better!

  3. Sanjay......have you ever ventured into the Barleywine catagory? I had some good luck with a few of them.

  4. Funny you should mention that Mark. I'm planning to start a new series on Barleywines in a few weeks. I still have a few slots to fill. Which ones do you recommend? I've only tried a few so far and have enjoyed them. So I'm looking forward to venturing into new territory!

  5. Let's see.......Old Fog by Anchor Steam, Rudyard's Rare by Hale's, and Old Boardhead by Full Sail are some I've tried that I've liked. I've had my eye on the one Alaskan makes but have yet to try it. I just started with them last year when the owner of our local brewing shop explained them to me. They are pretty big on ABV, so I usually drink them at home :)

  6. Thanks for the ideas Mark, I'll be sure to work a few of these into my lineup. BTW, did you know that Lucky Lab will be holding a "Big Beer & Barley Wine" festival in a few weeks? I'll be posting details shortly.

  7. I clicked on your link and saw that. I actually am giving it some thought to attend. No driving after that festival.


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