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During the last three months, I have reviewed 33 craft beers from 20 different brewers.  I added a new page to my site that lists all of my reviews on a single page.  To access this page, just click Craft Beer Archive (as highlighted in red below).

You'll then be whisked to a page that looks like this.  From here, you can see all of the reviews sorted by brewer.  I hope this is helpful if you're trying to find a review for a particular beer.

If you want to see reviews sorted by style or rating, just look for the Beer Reviews by Rating or Beer Reviews by Style sections on the right side of the page.

By the way, I'd really appreciate any feedback you may have about my reviews.  Are they too long?  Somewhat interesting?  If you don't want to make a public comment, feel free to send me an email.  Just click the contact link on the top right of the page.  Thanks!!


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