Beer Bloggers Conference Word Cloud

The 1st Annual Beer Bloggers Conference held last weekend in Boulder was amazing.  I met so many nice people and participated in many fun sessions packed into a short time.  While I'm still working on some posts for a few more of the events, some of my new friends and colleagues have written excellent summaries of the entire conference.  Check them out to get a good re-cap. 

I love word clouds.  I created one a few weeks ago to commemorate my 25th beer review.  I thought it would be fun to make one for the Beer Bloggers Conference.  So using the articles listed above, I created the chart below using a free website called Wordle.  The biggest words are the ones that were used most frequently.

Pretty cool, huh?  So the question to the conference attendees...Does this represent the event in a nutshell?

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  1. Pretty cool concept, Sanjay. Thanks for the link. You going to Bailey's BelgianFest tomorrow?

  2. Nice one! It's always good to see beer stretched that big across anything! And with a little design work it could easily be shaped into a pint glass, I'm sure.

  3. Angelo, I can't make it to Bailey's today. Have plans with the family. I'll look forward to reading your coverage though!

    Mark, yeah, nice to see that beer is the biggest word!


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