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Today I bottled my holiday beer.  I'm writing an ongoing post where you can see the details about it.  As part of bottling, I measured my final gravity today (1.014) and went online to find a calculator to help me calculate the ABV %.

I came across a really cool site called Beercalculus.  It's very easy and fun to use.  Using drop-down menus, you enter all of your ingredients as well as your hop timing schedule and it calculates pretty much everything you'd want to know about your beer.  Here's what it told me about my Christmas beer.

  • 5.3% ABV
  • 14.7 IBU (I need to crank it up for my next beer)
  • Color:  12 SRM (Copper to Red / Lt. Brown)
  • Calories:  210 per 12 oz.

Pretty slick, huh?  Well, it gets better.  Beercalculus has a sister-site called Hopville, that stores all of your recipes.  You can browse and comment on others' recipes as well.  This looks like a great source for new recipe ideas.  I'm glad I stumbled on the site and look forward to using it in the future!  I need to go back and calculate the details for my first batch of beer.

Check it out and let me know what you think!

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