1st Annual Beer Bloggers Conference

A conference for Beer Bloggers?!?  What exactly would they do (other than drink beer)?

While tasting beer is a fine reason to hold a conference, those questions came to mind when I read about the 1st Annual Beer Bloggers Conference, being held November 5-7 in Boulder, Colorado. 
However, after looking at the agenda, I was intrigued.  So I decided to take a day off of work, fly out to Boulder, and spend the weekend at the conference.  I think the organizers have planned an exciting event (agenda shown below), with excellent topics and interesting speakers.  A very impressive feat for the 1st year!

I'm especially excited about the "field work", which includes visits to Oskar Blues Brewery and Boulder Beer Co.  Oskar Blues is a pioneer of canned craft beer.  I have a can of their Old Chub Scotch Ale in my fridge.  I'll try to review it before the conference begins.  Boulder Beer is the maker of Hazed & Infused, which is one of two beers to get my 5 star rating. 

However, I do have a “homework” assignment.  Each blogger will bring a six-pack to share. We will then sample the various beers and write (or tweet) about them.  Now that's my kind of homework!

So I need your suggestions.  What beer should I bring?  I want to take an Oregon beer (available in bottles or cans) that isn't readily available around the country.  Do you have any ideas?  If so, please share using the comments section.

On a related note, I'm starting to explore Twitter and might experiment with some live blogging at the conference!  So if you want to hear my tweets, you can follow me at  http://twitter.com/NotSoProBeer   


  1. If I were packing beer to share, I'd bring a bottle from Upright and a bottle from Cascade. They don't fit the traditional 6-pack model, but there's so much good stuff in Oregon that never makes a 12 oz. bottle or can. If it does, it's usually widely available.

    You might think about some of the amazing seasonals we can get as well in 22oz bombers.

  2. Brady, I need to check out Upright and Cascade, I don't know much about them. But that's exactly what I had in mind. I want to take something that the other attendees can't get. I have an idea what I'm working...

  3. I'll be taking Vertigo Brewing's Arctic Blast Vanilla Porter. Think no one else will be bringing it...since it's only available on draft. Now, I just hope the bottles survive the flight...


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