13 New Places to Get Beered in Portland!

Yesterday's A&E section of the Oregonian had an excellent article, written by John Foyston, that profiled 13 new beer establishments in Portland.  It's a long, but great writeup that explains why each of these places is unique and worth visiting.  I highly recommend John's article--you can find it here.  Below is the list of all of the breweries, pubs, and bottle stores mentioned in John's story. 

I just wish someone would open up shop on the west side of Portland!  What's up with that?  Has the plague settled here?  We like beer too!  If anyone knows of any new places on the west side, please let me know!

  1. Plew's Brews  8409 N. Lombard St., 503-283-2243
  2. Cascade Brewing Barrel House  939 S.E. Belmont St., 503-265-8603
  3. Spints Alehouse  401 N.E. 28th Ave., 503-847-2534
  4. Hair of the Dog Brewery and Tasting Room  61 S.E. Yamhill St., 503-232-6585
  5. Coalition Brewing  2724 S.E. Ankeny St., 503-894-8080
  6. Breakside Brewing  820 N.E. Dekum St., 503-719-6475
  7. Apex  1216 S.E. Division St., 503-273-9227
  8. Prost!  4237 N. Mississippi Ave., 503-954-2674
  9. Migration Brewing  2828 N.E. Glisan St., 503-206-5221
  10. Lucky Labrador Taproom  1700 N. Killingsworth St., 503-505-9511
  11. Burnside Brewing  701 E. Burnside St.
  12. Grain & Gristle  1473 N.E. Prescott St., 503-298-5007
  13. The Beermongers  1125 S.E. Division St.; 503-234-6012

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  1. Sanjay, John just posted this for you!

  2. Thanks Bill! I'll be sure to check out The Thirsty Lion after they open. 50 beers on tap...I like that!


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