Review: Okto, Widmer Bros. Brewing

Widmer Bros. Brewing — Portland, OR

  • Style: Alt (Ale)
  • Bitterness: 25 IBU
  • ABV: 5.5%
  • OG: 13.0 P
  • Malts: Pale, Caramel Munich 60L, Extra Special, Carpils Malt
  • Hops:
    • Bittering: Alchemy
    • Aroma: Mt. Hood, Tetnanger
  • Sampled: 12 oz. bottle

Description: “The full body and malty flavor make Widmer Oktoberfest an ideal beverage for the Fall season. As the style dictates the hopping is delicate enough to allow the malty character to dominate, yet still provides a floral aroma and finish.”— Widmer Bros.

Random thoughts:  This is the fourth of my fall seasonal reviews.  I'm not sure what style of beer this is.  Widmer calls it a "Munich Style" Ale, but I'd swear it's a lager.  Other review sites are calling it an Alt.

The tasting:  Color is orange-gold and is clear, with no haze.  Very nice appearance.  Carbonation is light.  This is supposedly an ale, but it has the aroma of a lager.  It also tastes like a lager.  I'm not getting the hop flavor or aroma.  I could taste more of the malts when it warmed up. 

Rating:  2 star.  Drinkable--but not sure I really want to.  I'm not a big fan of the lagers I have tasted, and I'm not too crazy about this either (too many bad memories of Miller & Bud Lite, I guess).  So regardless of whether it's an ale or a lager, I'd probably pass on Okto.  I do get the seasonal aspect of Okto, but I'd rather have one of the other fall seasonals that I already sampled.

Do you like Okto?  Tell me that you think. Can anyone tell me why this tastes like a lager?

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