Mission: The Oregon Case

I received a comment from Mark in response to my post about mixed 6-packs.  Mark named his ideal "Oregon 6-pack" (listed below).  I like that it represents a diverse mix of Oregon brewers--some totally new to me.

  1. Tricerahops - Ninkasi Brewing, Eugene
  2. Aboriginale - Block 15 Brewing, Corvallis
  3. Vortex - Fort George Brewery, Astoria
  4. India Pelican Ale - Pelican Pub & Brewery, Pacific City
  5. Dead Guy Ale - Rogue Ales, Newport
  6. Hop in the Dark - Deschutes Brewery, Bend 
While a six-pack is nice, wouldn't a case of 24 be even better?   Sure, it would!  So I need your help to determine the makeup of  The Oregon Case!  Here are the rules:  

  • Each person can name or "sponsor" just one beer.  So choose wisely--it doesn't have to be your favorite.  (Mark gets grandfathered in with his six selections.)
  • Breweries must be from Oregon, and each can only be listed once in the case.  Not to worry, there are plenty of breweries in Oregon. 
  • Slots 7 - 24 will be assigned in the order you provide your suggestions. I won't edit or alter the list.  Please "sponsor" your beer by listing its name and brewer in the comments section below. 
  • I'll find, sample, and review all 24 beers.  If I can't find it, the sponsor can name an alternate.
  • The sponsor of each beer has the option (but not obligation) to submit their own review, which I will publish.
How does that sound?  So now the hard part....I need to find 18 people to make suggestions.  We've got a lot of hoppy beers on the list.  Can someone suggest a bit of diversity?!?  This is where you come in.   :)

Additions to the Case
  • 7.  Stumptown Tart - Bridgeport Brewing, Portland - sponsored  9/1 by Julie
  • 8.  Blackwatch - MacTarnahan's Brewing Co, Portland -sponsored  9/2 by Dub   (No longer in production.  Can you suggest a new name Dub?)
  • 9.  St. Rogue Red - Rogue Ales, Newport - sponsored  9/3 by Kim  (Rogue already in slot #5.  Care to name a different brew?)
  • 10. Overcast Espresso Stout - Oakshire Brewing - sponsored 9/4 by Sherri
  • 11.  Woodshed Red - Southern Oregon Brewing- sponsored 9/21 by Latha


  1. If you need room in the case, I will relinquish all except the Vortex, since my wife is from Astoria and I love Fort George.

  2. Stumpton Tart, Bridgeport, Portland. Marionberry infused Belgian style. (Mark is my husband)

  3. Cant find it anymore, but I always enjoyed McTarnahans Blackwatch.

  4. Mark, thanks for the offer. You get to keep your 6 choices.

    Julie, very interesting... You have slot #7.

    Dub, I checked Mac's site. Blackwatch is gone. I sent them a note to find out what became of it. Do you care to propose another? Slot #8 is reserved for you, if you want it.

  5. Woodshed Red, Southern Oregon Brewing Company, Medford, OR. Amber/red style ale with a distinct copper hue and moderate level of bitterness. Very Drinkable!

  6. Thanks Latha. I'll add Woodshed Red. Good choice!

    Julie, I picked up a bottle of Stumptown Tart while I was at Bridgeport last night. Look for a review soon. Can't wait to try it!

  7. Watch out for that one. Almost 8% ABV!

  8. Hey. I just tried a Oakshire (Eugene) Line Dry Rye. I thought I wasn't really a fan of rye beers, but for some reason was tempted today. I tried Sunrye by Red Hook a few years back but didn't like it so much. The Oakshire is pretty good. Have you tried a rye beer?

  9. I have tried rye beers and I do like them. I'll keep an eye out for the Oakshire. But I have not seen it in my area. Doesn't seem that there are a lot of ryes available.


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