Beer Run: Fall Seasonals, Round 2

I just finished my reviews for my first round of Fall Seasonals. When I stopped by New Seasons the other day, I noticed more had trickled in.  I even saw the first of the winter beers!  I picked that up as well, but probably won't be drinking it for at least another month or so.

You will be reading more about these in the near future.

The beer steward told me not to expect many more fall seasonals.  Apparently, the winter / holiday beer season is about to kick into high gear very soon.  Holidays, already?  Isn't it disappointing when you see Christmas decorations on display in stores in September?  Well, I saw those the other day at Costco.  I guess the advantage of early holiday beer, is that it will give me plenty of time to taste and review them.

Are there any other fall seasonals that you like?  If so, please let me know. 


  1. I liked the Juggernaut. Not a fan of the Pumpkin. Glad to see you checking out the Montana beers. Bayern Dancing Trout is a good one. I lived in Billings for awhile and loved the breweries there: Montana Brewing, Yellowstone Valley, Angry Hanks, Carters, and Red Lodge (near Billings). I think Yellowstone is the only one that bottles, but is hard to find outside of Montana. Always had my growlers ready to go.

  2. Montana has a lot of GREAT breweries, but you're right. It's hard to find them around here. I did notice Big Sky's Moose Drool in the store. I'll definitely pick that up one of these days. Don't think I've ever had Bayern before. Hopefully, their Oktoberfest will be the 1st lager that I like.


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