No More Wasted Wine

I may be a beer snob, but I’m definitely not a wine snob.  I enjoy finding and drinking good inexpensive wines (check out Malbec, if you like reds).  A few times a month, Latha and I will uncork a bottle and relax after spending a long day at the office (me) and a longer day chasing after two boys (Latha).  The problem is we’re usually so tired that we never completely finish the bottle.  So off it goes into the refrigerator, where it sits for an extended period of time, slowly converting into some form of vinegar.

With my newfound interest in homebrewing, and our need to conduct “research”, we made the switch and started trying new microbrews.  22 oz. bottles are the perfect size for us to share (and finish) in a single evening.  Also, most microbrewers tend to offer some of their beers in ONLY in the 22 oz. size.

So leave the wine on your rack (or let it transform in your fridge), and try a new microbrew tonight!  

Shameless Product Plug:  OK, if you're truly intent on storing uncorked (or uncapped--if you're into the Boone's varietals) bottles of wine and want to preserve them for a few days, check out these vacuum pump wine savers.  I've never used them, but a friend loves them.  Thanks for the recommendation Kim!

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