Beer Run: Fall Seasonals, Round 1

The weather is changing in Portland.  After a week in the mid-90's, we dropped down into the 70s this week.  It feels like a preview of fall.  I even noticed the leaves changing color on a few trees.  Right on cue, the fall seasonal beers are starting to appear in the beer case at New Seasons.  Yes, it's still August, but Labor Day is quickly approaching and fall will be here before we know it--so early preparation is essential.

Feeling the need to exercise my right to create my own six pack, I picked up all the fall seasonals currently in stock.  So in the near future, you will be hearing more about:

I think the temperature may move back into the 90's this week, and I may be less likely to want to sample these.  But as the weather cools down, I'll be all over them.  So put on your lederhosen, and get ready for Octoberfest!!


  1. I met a beer enthusiast at TJ's this morning and was told that Fred Meyers stores (mostly Portland locations) also let you mix'n'match your six packs and prices are lower than New Seasons. But NS still holds the title for offering the most varieties.

  2. I didn't know about Fred Meyer. I also need to see if Whole Foods does this. I think their selection is similar to New Seasons. Thanks!

  3. I do love Ockto! Let me know what you think... John's Market, Belmont Station and our friend's new shop - Bottles, all do mix/match. they are farther than Fred Meyer but way better selection than Freddie's, NS and Whole Foods combined!

  4. Will do FB. BTW, Main St. Homebrew is also doing mix & match. I picked up a six-pack on Saturday, and they threw in a free bag of hops. I picked Zeus--sounds cool anyway.

  5. I finally finished this group of beers. Kim, I really didn't like Okto. It has a lager taste that I'm not too crazy about. Here's my review:

    Now on to the 2nd wave of fall seasonals!


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