Beer Fest in a Six Pack

OK, so I’m probably late to the party on this, but I thought it’s worth mentioning in case one of my 5 beloved followers (well, really 4 if you exclude me) doesn’t know…

I was perusing the beer fridge at New Seasons (a grocery chain similar to Whole Foods) last week.  I normally don’t like this store because it’s crazy expensive—but they have an AMAZING microbrew selection.

I wanted to try something new and was staring at the bottled six pack selection in puzzled bewilderment for 10 minutes.  The beer stewardess asked if I had any questions (I think she thought I was semi-comatose). Upon learning of my indecisiveness, she suggested I mix-and-match my own six pack.

Endless permutations raced through my mind!  Bells tolled and I began the process of selecting six beers I had never tried before.  One of them was Wailua, which I have already commented on.  You’ll hear about the other five in the near future.

Anyway, this is a great way to experiment with a variety of beers—and you don’t risk getting stuck with something you don’t like.  Is this new news to anyone?  Do other grocery chains or bottle stores let you do this?  Let me know.  Also I'd appreciate any suggestions if you’ve tried something good lately or have a beer you’d like me to review.

New Seasons is quickly displacing Costco as my favorite store.  Costco--where else can you get a 10 pound jar of jalapeno peppers, tires, and slice of pizza?  Great store, but my wallet doesn’t like it so much.

New Seasons' Beer Case


  1. I think NS is cheaper than Whole Foods and I appreciate the NS carries normal staples like marshmellow creme, charcoal, lighter fluid, paper plates and the like... It's the bomb... oh btw, my plants from NS did awesome this year! We should go there for lunch sometime... walk from EG...

  2. My Oregon six pack would consist of:
    Ninkasi (Eugene) Tricerahops
    Block 15 (Corvallis) Aboriginale
    Fort George (Astoria) Vortex
    Pelican (Pacific City) India Pelican Ale
    Rogue (Newport) Dead Guy Ale
    Deschutes (Bend) Hop in the Dark

  3. Mark, nice list. You've given me a new idea--look for a post tonight. Thanks!


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