Ambacht Brewing -- Beer at a Farmers' Market?

Ambacht Brewing, Hillsboro, OR

So we’re walking around at the Hillsboro Farmers’ Market this morning, and the temperature is rising (almost 90 degrees). I’m thinking it would be great to have a nice cold beer. Well, ask and you shall receive. In the next row, I found a tent for Ambacht Brewing. Beer at a Farmers’ Market? Works for me!

Ambacht is a relatively new brewer in Hillsboro. I think they’ve been in business for about a year. We met Brandy at their booth and he told us that Ambacht specializes in Belgian inspired ales. Unlike many other brewers in the region, they avoid the big hoppy beers—so no IPAs here. But do not despair--their beer’s great. We sampled 4 of their ales: Golden Ale, Golden Rose Ale (made with rose hips), Black Gold Porter, and G++ Ale.

Our favorite was the Black Gold Porter, so we picked up a 22 oz. bottle. Look for a detailed review in the near future.

Brandy mentioned that Ambacht does special tastings on Thursdays, from 4-8pm. So stop by and support a local brewer. We look forward to visting Ambacht soon!


  1. I look forward to reading your reviews of various beers. Will you also be making suggestions as to which flavor of 'tater chips we should pair the beers with?

  2. Thanks for providing the 1st official comment. I hope to put the 1st review up tonight. Regarding 'taters. That's a great thought. It aligns with my plan of pairing beers against the various flavors of Doritos.

  3. I loved the guy at the booth but we know I hate belgians so I didn't like their beer. I applaud their business model though and wish them luck... they would get the 1 star rating from me though...


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